About us


Indus Hotels and Resorts

Indus Hotels and Resorts is a contemporary Hotel Marketing company that sets up the contracts with Hotels/Resorts and provide the distribution channels with relevant information about the Hotels/Resorts that result in maximum conversion. It is established with the objective of setting up the distribution channels for Hotels/Resorts . We simplify the procedure of Hotel Booking and ensuring the highest standards of professionalism in the field of reservation & specific services to the distribution channels.

Mission Statement

To be identified by the trade as a leader in merchandising services throughout the country with the highest integrity and professionalism.

As travel often means more hassle than harmony, more stress than satisfaction, modern travelers are looking for smarter choices. Driven by our passion for perfection, we welcome our customers to a refreshingly enjoyable and hassle-free experience, anytime, everywhere. Offering the highest consistency in quality, service and style we set new standards and take the unwanted surprises out of traveling. Our warm welcomes make our guests feel at home, away from home and our crisp and courteous service empowers them to get more done with greater effectiveness and control. And through our unrivalled network we provide service that is effortless, simple, never overwhelming, always warm.